ECOOP 2022
Mon 6 - Fri 10 June 2022 Berlin, Germany

Truffle 2022: Truffle/GraalVM Languages Workshop

The Truffle/GraalVM Languages Workshop is intended to bring together researchers and developers from both industry and academia that work with the technologies offered by the Truffle language framework and the GraalVM runtime, as well as those working on related approaches pertaining to specializing dynamic language runtimes and tooling. The workshop is meant to foster the exchange of experiences of working with Truffle, provide introductions to Truffle & GraalVM to developers interested in starting their own projects, present specific implementation aspects of existing languages on Truffle, and discuss limitations and future directions of language implementation frameworks in general and Truffle/GraalVM in particular. The format of the workshop will include both presentations of current research and experiences in dynamic language runtime and tool implementations, as well as tutorial-style presentations of

specific aspects of using Truffle and GraalVM. We explicitly encourage presentations of work-in-progress as well as work in the early exploration phases to solicit early feedback from and foster discussion with other experienced language developers.

Questions? Use the Truffle contact form.