ECOOP 2022
Mon 6 - Fri 10 June 2022 Berlin, Germany

PRIDE 2022: Workshop on Practical Research IDEs

The goal of this workshop is to help researchers take their research developments and integrate them easily into existing IDE tools. We are seeking participation from researchers who have developed novel analysis technology and would like an easy way to deploy this technology in existing IDE tools. For example, a new, more-precise taint analysis is nice, but it will be potentially much easier to use and to evaluate if it is available in popular IDE’s—e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code—in editors— e.g. Sublime Text, Atom—and traditional editors used by programmers—e.g. Emacs, Vim. MagpieBridge provides support for accomplishing this: it provides a framework in which a research analysis can be invoked from standard IDE’s. The underlying mechanism makes use of the Language Server Protocol (LSP), but that is completely hidden by a straightforward API that allows analyses to be invoked on source projects from IDE’s and report results that get displayed in idioms natural to each IDE. Such functionality could benefit a wide range of research tools, and so we encourage participation by bringing either your own research analysis or any analysis that you would like to see in a tool.

Questions? Use the PRIDE contact form.