ECOOP 2022
Mon 6 June - Thu 7 July 2022 Berlin, Germany
Fri 10 Jun 2022 11:50 - 12:10 at Aurora Borealis 1 - Types Chair(s): Niki Vazou

Union and intersection types are a staple of gradually typed languages such as TypeScript. While it’s long been recognized that union and intersection types are difficult to verify statically, it may appear at first that the dynamic part of gradual typing is actually pretty simple.

It turns out however, that in presence of higher-order contracts union and intersection are deceptively difficult. The literature on higher-order contracts with union and intersection, while keenly aware of the fact, doesn’t really explain why. We point and illustrate the problems and tradeoffs inherent to union and intersection contracts, via example and a survey of the literature.

Fri 10 Jun

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11:00 - 12:30
TypesResearch Papers / Hub Talks / Expert Discussion at Aurora Borealis 1
Chair(s): Niki Vazou IMDEA Software Institute
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Expert Discussion
P: Niki Vazou IMDEA Software Institute, P: Peter Thiemann University of Freiburg, Germany
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Research Papers
Daniel Marshall University of Kent, UK, Dominic Orchard University of Kent, UK
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Hub Talks
Teodoro Freund University of Buenos Aires, Yann Hamdaoui Tweag, Arnaud Spiwack Tweag
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